Office Manager

Kathie, the Office Manager, is available to clients to answer questions or considerations related to the process of the evaluation, billing, insurance, etc. Please feel free to reach out to Kathie through email or by telephone  703-864-9794. Given the exceedingly high volume of emails and phone calls received each day, Dr. Muir may not be able to respond to each personally and therefore Kathie has been designated to do so. Kathie has been working with the company for several years and she is familiar with procedures, policies and operations.  Clients are  able to trust that Kathie is able to assist them and clarify any questions related to the process as needed. Not only is Kathie a skilled, detail-oriented and competent seasoned professional, but, Kathie is a mother, grandmother and wife first. Personally, we are excited for her that her youngest daughter has been recruited to play Division I athletics at a premiere University in the fall! Kathie loves animals and she helps to care for Moose, the big chocolate brown Labrador, who roams around the office on a daily basis.